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October 13, 2023 7:30AM - 3:30PM

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South West Arizona Town Hall, or SWATH (formerly known as the Southwest Arizona Futures Forum, or SAFF) got its start when attendees at a March 2005 Yuma County Growth Management Summit identified the need for improved, ongoing, effective communication and coordination of regional issues among public and private entities in Yuma County.  Strong sentiment was expressed by the attendees regarding the need for a forum to review thorough background information, conduct in-depth discussions/debate and develop meaningful recommendations to address significant issues facing Yuma County.


SWATH’s mission is to engage key public and private sector representatives in meaningful discussions of important regional issues resulting in specific, actionable recommendations that can be used to coordinate the development and implementation of effective action plans.

SWATH will accomplish its mission by:

  • Establishing a group of public and private sector community leaders who will meet regularly to engage in enlightened discourse, debate and consensus building on key issues facing our community.

  • Identifying and prioritizing issues in a consensus building manner.

  • Providing a structured forum to:

    • Review well-developed, relevant background information, studies and reports

    • Critically analyze and evaluate the information and ideas presented

    • Develop a thorough and balanced understanding of the issues

  • Facilitating constructive debate among all participants on the questions asked, ideas shared and information presented.

  • Developing consensus recommendations for use by public and private regional entities to address issues vital to improving the quality of life in Yuma County.

SWATH members shall commit to the following guiding principles:

  • To have the interest of the overall community as a primary motivation.

  • To listen to all perspectives and viewpoints objectively while actively soliciting minority or dissenting opinions.

  • To show respect and consideration for others and their opinions.

  • To work toward a consensus opinion on the issues discussed.

  • To provide meaningful recommendations to public and private entities about key issues facing southwest Arizona.


Note: Southwest Arizona Futures Forum (SAFF) is now Southwest Arizona Town Hall (SWATH).

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